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Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW)

The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) is the national tourism business directory system, which is a database system and distribution channel for Australia’s tourism products, locations and events. ATDW distributes information to a wide network of consumer websites, including on and

ATDW fees waived

In response to the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ), in partnership with Queensland's regional tourism organisations, is currently offering ATDW membership with no annual fee, providing a saving of $150 per year. This offer is available to all tourism and events operators in Queensland. Information on fee waiver is accurate as of October 2021, but is subject to change by TEQ.

Annual insight report

Each year, businesses with an ATDW listing will be supplied with a unique consumer insights report (valued at over $1,000), as part of the annual Best of Queensland Experiences Program. To be eligible for a 2023 report, ATDW listings MUST be loaded by 31st December 2022.

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