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MBRIT is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, established to deliver marketing, events, industry development and community engagement initiatives for and on behalf of the businesses and community of Moreton Bay region. MBRIT’s stated purpose is:

To increase the prosperity of the Moreton Bay region.

MBRIT employs a team of passionate marketing, events, industry development, sales professionals and journalists who work closely with various stakeholders including industry leaders, industry associations, Chambers of Commerce, education institutions, local, state and federal government agencies. Over the past six years, MBRIT has cultivated and matured a reputation of excellence in the Moreton Bay region through meaningful and productive collaborations and partnerships, coordinated advocacy, and superior service delivery that has sought to shape the region’s identify, cohesion and pride following local government amalgamation.

MBRIT is inspired and guided by Moreton Bay City Council Regional Economic Development Strategy (REDS) that seeks to transform the Moreton Bay region into a leading economic powerhouse and destination of choice to visit, work, live and invest. As a “for purpose“ organisation, all surpluses are re-invested into the development of the region. MBRIT works collaboratively with MBRC to provide leadership in knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship services to deliver a dynamic path of growth and prosperity for the Moreton Bay Region to achieve against the REDS objectives within a #TeamMoretonBay context. Moreton Bay Region Industry & Tourism (MBRIT) is a not for‑profit organisation that exists to promote, benefit and grow the Moreton Bay region.

Established in 2015 by Founder and Commercial Director Shane Newcombe, MBRIT is governed by a board of directors, consisting of leading local industry and community representatives.

A Cooperative Approach

What do we do?

  • Delivering innovation, knowledge and entrepreneurship services to industry
  • Tourism industry engagement and development
  • Showcase business excellence through the annual Business and Innovation Awards
  • Sharing good news stories through our print and online news media
  • Delivering 48 events for our community
  • Showcasing the region to visitors through 4 worldclass destination events
  • Marketing and promotion of Visit Moreton Bay as a place to holiday
  • Meeting and greeting visitors through six Visitor Information Centres

How can you get involved?

  • Follow us on social media to stay up to date
  • Sign up to our e-newsletters and participate in our programs, campaigns, events and workshops
  • We are a not-for profit and are proud to be a membership free organisation!
  • Contact one of our team to arrange a meeting and discuss how we can help you

MBRIT Values

MBRIT values shape the culture of our organisation, how decisions are made, and how best-fit resources are allocated. They are central to everything MBRIT does.

At MBRIT we strive to serve our community with integrity, excellence and agility.

For our Community
Their interests are paramount

We act ethically, respectfully and with accountability

In everything we do

Continuity adapting to new opportunities and challenges

MBRIT's vision for Moreton Bay Region's prosperity

MBRIT’s vision for the Moreton Bay region is for a vibrant, multi-faceted, innovative and empowered economy; leveraging off the region’s natural assets to support community and business.

Inspired and guided by MBRC’s REDS, MBRIT seeks to transition to the next phase of its evolution to be a lead economic development agency for the knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship sector.

MBRIT’s ambition is to be a respected, adaptable partner and lead agency, working alongside MBRC to help shape and realise the potential of the Moreton Bay region.

To benefit the Moreton Bay region, MBRIT aspires to:

  • Champion the regional identity, promotion and activation of the Moreton Bay region as a destination for business, events, talent, investment and education - aligning the destination’s experience with residents’ identity and promoting Moreton Bay region assets as one cohesive product and package
  • Lead the development of, and investment in, innovation, entrepreneurship, and education, and support Moreton Bay City Council in the development of other key Moreton Bay region growth sectors (advanced manufacturing and food and agri-business)
  • Build capacity and capability of existing businesses, innovation and start-ups, skills and employment
  • Assist in shaping Moreton Bay region’s business hubs (precincts) to ensure they are efficient, appealing, specialised, healthy and adaptive to the future
  • Foster community pride and advocacy for the region by encouraging a positive internal narrative - celebrating and recognising positive community storytelling and achievements

MBRIT’s vision for Moreton Bay region’s prosperity MBRIT's goals are set in context of, and contribute to the Moreton Bay region REDS 2041 goals:

  • BIGGER: $40 billion economy
  • BOLDER: 16,000 new businesses
  • BRIGHTER: 100,000 new jobs

Acknowledgement of Country

Moreton Bay Region Industry & Tourism respectfully acknowledges the Jinibara, Kabi Kabi and Turrbal Traditional Custodians of the lands and waterways across the region. We extend our respect to all the Elders past, present and emerging for they hold the histories, the traditions, the cultures and the hopes of Australia’s First Peoples.

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