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Moreton Bay Region Industry and Tourism (MBRIT) run a vibrant and diverse program of events throughout the year – the majority of which include stallholders and vendors. The information below outlines the vendor application process and criteria for these events.

1. Vendor Application Process

At Signature Community Events & Destination Events MBRIT utilise a stallholder dashboard for vendor applications. The application window for these events typically opens approximately three to six months prior to the event date. Please note that the closing date for applications is indicated on each event entry.

Community Events delivered by MBRIT throughout the City of Moreton Bay are selected on a case-by-case basis. Vendors who reside and operate within the City of Moreton Bay are eligible to apply for these events. If you are interested in participating in our Community Events, please reach out to [email protected] to receive a current list of events accepting applications. The selection process for Community Event vendors occurs approximately three months before the event date.

Vendors must ensure they have created a profile on the dashboard, keep it up to date, and to check the vendor dashboard for the most accurate application information. Please kindly adhere to the timelines and procedures as MBRIT follow a fair and organised selection process for all applicants. Vendor Dashboard is available here -

2. Vendor Selection Process

MBRIT event selections are based on several factors, including but not limited to,

  • Event Theme and Context: The theme of each event, such as Lunar New Year (Lunar New Year) or Cruisin Caboolture (Cars), forms the foundational backdrop for vendor selection. MBRIT aim to curate a vendor lineup that aligns harmoniously with the overarching theme and resonates with event attendees, and therefore some vendors will be accepted over others.
  • Logistics and Location Considerations: The timing and location of the event play crucial roles in vendor selection. Factors such as the time of day, accessibility of the venue, and logistical considerations (ie – such as size of vendor, or power requirements) are taken into account to ensure optimal vendor placement and attendee engagement.
  • Product Variety, Price and Presentation: MBRIT value a diverse range of products offered by vendors at events to enhance patron experience and encourage innovative stall presentations that enhance the overall event aesthetic. Vendors who demonstrate creativity and uniqueness in their offerings and stall presentation are highly regarded during the selection process, as well as vendors who offer a competitive price. With the cost of living a top priority with event attendees, providing affordable meal options is extremely important to achieving patron satisfaction.
  • Event Attendance and Demographics: Anticipated event attendance and the demographic profile of attendees are important considerations in vendor selection. MBRIT strive to offer a selection of vendors that cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of our audience.

In-Region Representation at Events

For Destination events, MBRIT seek to offer attendees a diverse range of cuisine experiences by selecting vendors with unique products and high quality products and presentations – MBRIT are looking for the best of South East Queensland, (whilst also considering all factors mentioned above). If a local vendor can meet this criteria, then they will be selected.

Signature Community Events prioritise vendors from within the City of Moreton Bay, aiming for at least 65% representation from local businesses. This commitment underscores MBRIT’s dedication to supporting and showcasing the vibrant local community. In circumstances where there is not enough interest from within the region, MBRIT reserves the right to fill places with suitable vendors from outside of the region.

Community Event selections exclusively feature 100% vendors from within the City of Moreton Bay, emphasising support for nearby businesses and fostering community engagement at the grassroots level. In circumstances where there is not enough interest from within the region, MBRIT reserves the right to fill places with suitable vendors from outside of the region.

By adhering to this criteria, MBRIT aim to create dynamic and inclusive events that celebrate the spirit of our community and showcase the best that the City of Moreton Bay has to offer, whilst also providing a high quality experience for patrons.

Should you have any questions or require further clarification regarding MBRIT’s vendor selection process, please send an email to [email protected]. MBRIT are committed to transparency and collaboration in vendor partnerships.

3. MBRIT’s Commitment To Featuring In Region Vendors At Events

MBRIT, as the organiser of over 52 events per year, is committed to showcasing and supporting local vendors from the City of Moreton Bay. This commitment includes prioritising local vendors in event selections, ensuring a minimum of 65% local vendor representation at Signature Community Events, and 100% at Community Events, and giving preference to local vendors at Destination Events where the criteria is met. In circumstances where there is not enough interest from within the region, MBRIT reserves the right to fill places with suitable vendors from outside of the region.

MBRIT celebrates the local culture and talent through its events and aims to build sustainable partnerships with local vendors for mutual growth and prosperity. MBRIT's vendor selection process ensures a fair chance for all vendors in the region, offering equal opportunities for participation and representation. This extends to a comprehensive record-keeping process – where each vendor’s applications and their status are recorded for fairness. MBRIT track which in-region vendors have been successful, and which have not, and ensure that this information is taken into account for future selections to ensure event acceptance is shared across in-region vendors.

4. Challenges, Considerations For Vendors

Challenges and considerations arise when selecting vendors, especially given the rapid growth of the City of Moreton Bay. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Increased Competition: With rapid growth comes increased competition among vendors for limited space and attention at events. Balancing vendor selection to accommodate growth while maintaining diversity and quality is increasingly becoming challenging, especially when there are multiple in-region vendors selling the same product. This means all of these vendors are competing for the same limited spaces at events, and will ultimately receive less acceptances due to the requirement to share the success rate equally among vendors. MBRIT are committed to ensuring vendors have a successful trade at events, which means MBRIT keep vendor numbers tight, and don’t often ‘double up’ on products, which again, can cause disappointment.
  • Logistical Constraints: Vendor selection and placement is very dependant on the logistical constraints of the site – especially size and power requirements. Some vendors may be too big, or may need too much power to successfully attend an event and therefore this shapes the decision making process.
  • Maintaining Local Flavour: As the city expands, preserving the unique local character and identity becomes crucial. Selecting vendors that reflect the region's culture and values helps maintain community authenticity amidst growth, however, we need to ensure that product quality and stall presentation is also to standard, as this is sometimes a challenge for businesses.
  • Supporting Small Businesses: Rapid growth may inadvertently disadvantage small, local businesses competing with larger vendors – who have achieved economies of scale and can offer competitive product pricing. Implementing measures to support and promote small-scale entrepreneurs ensures inclusive economic development.
  • Local Trader Engagement: Many of the event locations are bordered by precincts which include local traders – including cafes and restaurants. The event needs to consider the product types from these businesses and ensure that the traders are not adversely impacted by the event, as well as try to avoid accepting vendors with competing products (within reason) for the Community or Signature Community Events.
  • Sustainability: Managing the environmental impact of increased vendor participation and event attendance is vital and is the goal of all events moving forward. Encouraging sustainable practices among vendors and minimising waste are the top priority – although this is a challenge as not all vendors follow environmental policies, and rules and regulations around disposal of waste, which may also result in non-acceptance.
  • Adaptability: The dynamic and ever-changing nature of events necessitates flexibility in vendor selection processes. Being responsive to weather, changing demographics, market trends, and community needs is imperative to event success.

Navigating these challenges requires a comprehensive approach that balances economic growth, community engagement, and environmental sustainability. By prioritising inclusivity, innovation, and collaboration, MBRIT can effectively address the complexities of vendor selection amidst the rapid growth of the City of Moreton Bay.

5. Anything Else?

When vendors apply for events hosted by Moreton Bay Regional Industry & Tourism (MBRIT), it's important to understand the following points, as they do affect vendor selection:

  • Adherence to Guidelines: Vendors should carefully review and adhere to the event guidelines and requirements provided by MBRIT. This includes deadlines for application submissions, stall setup instructions, and any specific rules or regulations governing participation. This includes arriving on time (very important for site safety, as vehicle movement generally ceases one (1) hour prior to event start time), appropriate waste disposal (ie not utilising recycling bins for general waste) etc. Reading confirmation packs and adhering to these guidelines is highly regarded.
  • Alignment with Event Theme: Vendors should consider how their products or services align with the theme and audience of the event. Tailoring offerings to match the event's focus enhances relevance and increases the likelihood of attracting attendees.
  • Quality and Presentation: Emphasising product quality and stall presentation enhances the overall attendee experience and contributes to the success of the event. Vendors should strive to create visually appealing displays that showcase their offerings effectively – including ensuring marquees have all 4 x walls, all signage is professionally printed / presented, adequate lighting, etc.
  • Local Community Engagement: Recognising the importance of engaging with the local community, vendors should demonstrate a commitment to supporting the City of Moreton Bay and its residents. This may involve sourcing products locally, participating in community initiatives, and fostering meaningful connections with event attendees.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Given the dynamic nature of events and attendee preferences, vendors should be prepared to adapt their offerings and approach based on changing circumstances. Flexibility in responding to customer needs and market trends contributes to overall event success.
  • Compliance and Licensing: Vendors must ensure compliance with all relevant regulations, permits, and licensing requirements applicable to their business operations. This includes holding the appropriate public liability, food safety standards, health regulations, and any permits necessary for selling goods or services at the event venue.
  • Sustainability Practices: Embracing sustainable practices in sourcing, packaging, and waste management demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship. Vendors should explore opportunities to minimise their ecological footprint and contribute to the overall sustainability goals of the event.
  • Customer Service and Interpersonal Excellence: Providing exceptional customer service enhances vendor credibility and fosters positive relationships with event attendees. Vendors should prioritise responsiveness, professionalism, and hospitality in all interactions with customers, as well as event staff and volunteers. Rude, aggressive, dismissive or disrespectful behaviour towards patrons or staff / volunteers will not be tolerated.

By embracing these principles and practices, vendors can maximise their participation in MBRIT events, contribute to the overall success of the event, and enhance their visibility within the City of Moreton Bay community. For any further questions please contact [email protected].

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