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Rethink waste for business

Explore the latest National Waste Report findings, revealing that around one-third of Australia's total waste stems from business activities. Dive into the benefits of business recycling, as highlighted in the report, showcasing how it empowers Australian enterprises. Discover how engaging in recycling practices not only enables effective waste management but also elevates business reputation, enhances efficiency, and minimizes unnecessary costs, giving businesses a competitive edge.

Key insights from the research include:

  • 69% of individuals express happiness derived from workplace recycling.
  • 68% believe that workplace recycling services positively influence perceptions of employer responsibility.
  • 62% find recycling at work to be both easy and convenient.
  • 43% of Australians feel there's a need for more recycling options in their workplace. Join the movement towards sustainable practices and discover the advantages of business recycling for your organization.
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City of Moreton Bay - Rethink waste for business
Council's Rethink waste for business program is designed to work with your business. By registering your business will receive a site visit and presentation to your staff, online resources, an audit of your onsite waste and a dedicated action plan and recommendations for your business.
An online marketplace for the circular economy
ecoBiz Queensland
One of the biggest expenses for business is water, energy and waste bills. But there’s an easy way to save, through ecoBiz.

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