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Ask Morty is an easy-to-use chatbot, designed to help small businesses quickly find where the largest number of specific population segments currently live in the Moreton Bay Region, or where those segments might live the future.

Ask Morty is a great entry point for businesses looking to understand their local region, serving simple statistics on age, gender, homeownership, and plenty more. For those keen start to exploring more detailed data, Ask Morty can link you into a wide array of additional data sources.

Where does Ask Morty get information from?

Ask Morty draws on the Queensland Government’s Population Projections and the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2021 Census data to provide:

  • population age ranges
  • gender
  • work or study situation
  • work industry
  • home ownership
  • income levels
  • household situation.

Ask Morty provides single suburb answers, as well as clusters of suburbs that are connected in one or more ways.

How do I use Ask Morty?

  1. Launch the Ask Morty chatbot from the icon on your screen.
  2. Type ‘hello’ into the text box, or click on the microphone icon and say ‘hello’.
  3. Ask Morty will ask you to select one of three possible lines of inquiry:
    • Where your potential customers live now
    • Where your potential customers are likely to be living in the future
    • The people that live in a specific area.
  4. Ask Morty will ask for some basic information about the people you feel will make up your target market
  5. You can ask for suburbs based on a single characteristic (like home ownership or age), or apply several characteristics
  6. Ask Morty will then provide you with the three suburb clusters within the region that have the highest representation of the characteristics you selected.


How can I use the information Ask Morty provides?

Ask Morty’s data can help businesses:

  • inform their business planning
  • locate potential customers
  • inform their site location assessments
  • support their business case development, and
  • improve their marketing strategy.

Local businesses across the Moreton Bay Region are taking advantage of how quickly and easily Ask Morty finds where the largest number of their target populations are living.

You can find more easy-to-read examples of how businesses use location data to support evidence-based decision-making and reduce wasted time in the Planning for business guide.

Of course, when making these business decisions, the information provided by Ask Morty is not solely relied upon. Many factors, including independent professional advice, is critical to business decision making.

How can I use location data in my marketing decisions?

Knowing where the largest concentrations of a particular population segment live can help a business decide where they should focus their marketing efforts. The Queensland Government offers some great advice to small businesses on location-based-marketing types.

The Queensland Government also provides some strong advice on how to weave location data (such as Ask Morty’s) into your social media strategies.

For more information on how to market your business effectively and promote your products and services visit Business Queensland's Marketing and promotion webpage.

Why can’t I ask Ask Morty other questions?

Ask Morty was designed to help businesses quickly and easily access basic demographic data that relates to three common business challenges:

  1. finding where their potential customers are living now
  2. finding where their potential customers will be living in the future
  3. accessing information on the characteristics of the people that live around where their business is located.

In the future, the range of questions Ask Morty answers may be expanded.

To inform other business decisions, local businesses can explore more data about the local population through the Moreton Bay Region Social Atlas.

View the tutorial guide to learn how to use Social Atlas.

Council also regularly runs specific training for small businesses on levering big data for increased profit. To find out more about future training sessions, please email [email protected].

How do I provide feedback on Ask Morty?

We hope Ask Morty was able to help provide some insights for your business. We are also aware that Ask Morty has room to grow. Regardless of whether your experience with this tool has been positive or negative, we'd love to hear your feedback at [email protected].

If you have any questions or concerns unrelated to Ask Morty, Contact Council.

Exploring further population data for the Moreton Bay Region

In addition to Ask Morty Council has also made available free to the public the Moreton Bay Region Social Atlas.

The Social Atlas displays demographic information across a series of maps, that show where particular population groups are distributed across the Moreton Bay Region.

Featuring over 100 individual thematic maps, users can view where concentrations of communities of interest are located (such as resident ages, population density, income, disability, ancestry, occupation and more).

These datasets are derived from the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Census data, which has been analysed and presented by population experts and funded by Moreton Bay Regional Council.

View the tutorial guide to learn how to use Social Atlas.

Council also regularly runs specific training for small businesses on levering big data for increased profit. To find out more about future training sessions please email [email protected].

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