Accessible & Inclusive Tourism

Why accessible and inclusive tourism?

With 1 in 5 Australian's (over 4.5 million individuals) having a verified disability it is estimated that the annual expenditure by tourists with a disability (both overnight and day) based on National Visitor Survey (NVS) data is around $3.2 billion annually.

Seven (7) informative points shared at the Accessible and Inclusive Tourism Conference (AITCAP) 2023:

  1. Wheelchair users make up approx. 10% of the accessible market, so if you have a venue or space that is not wheelchair friendly, focus on the other 90% to start.
  2. Don’t make assumptions about whether your space is accessible to an individual, you don’t have to be ‘accessible’ to be ‘inclusive’.
  3. Information on websites and social media about your venue/space is invaluable, especially photos and videos.
  4. Reviews from past or current customers/guests with lived experience (live with a disability) is highly valued.
  5. A welcoming smile and good customer service is EVERYTHING.
  6. Just start. Start small and work with what you are offering right now, don't get overwhelmed.
  7. No one can be fully accessible to everyone, but you can offer enhanced accessibility features to your business, event or organisation.

Providing information on the inclusiveness of your tourism offering COSTS YOU NOTHING (unless you wish to!). It really comes down to ensuring the right information and images are shared on the event listing.

Here is a list of six (6) photos/videos that you can take on your phone to get started:

  1. Outside of your premises
  2. Nearest accessible car park
  3. Any steps or accessible barriers for wheelchair users
  4. Bar or counter if no table service for drinks
  5. Pathways, boardwalks etc
  6. Toilets – this one is critical, require photos from outside and inside. If you don’t have an accessible toilet on-site, where is the nearest option?

Checkout the Guides and Tools for Business section for resources, training and professional development opportunities to get you started!

City of Moreton Bay is an accessible and inclusive community for guests into region

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