Sustainable and Eco-Tourism

Sustainable tourism in Moreton Bay region

Sustainable tourism relates to tourism that considers the full impact across the economic, environmental and social spheres, that ensures the needs of residents, the industry, the environment and visitors are met and maintained.

Recognising Moreton Bay as a sustainable destination

Our goal is to define a clear path for the Moreton Bay region to become a recognised sustainable destination. We will assess the capacity of the region as part of the emerging Green Economy.

This will help ensure there is sustainable growth now and into the future. It will benefit residents, businesses, visitors, and the environment.

Sustainable Tourism Statement - Vision and principles for the Moreton Bay region
City of Moreton Bay invites all stakeholders to provide their feedback on the Sustainable tourism statement. It sets out the vision and ideals for sustainable growth in our region with a particular focus on how the tourism industry can be facilitated to promote sustainable principles and practices.
Council’s pathway toward sustainable tourism certification in 2024
The Sustainable Destinations program is designed to facilitate the region’s sustainable development as a tourism destination. It gives Council the opportunity to develop the capacity of tourism businesses across the region to operate more sustainably, reducing the overall footprint of tourism in the Moreton Bay region.
Moreton Bay Region Tourism Opportunity Plan
The Tourism opportunity plan 2022-2027 sets out Council’s visitor economy vision. It has been developed to nurture and drive economic growth, sustainability and quality of life for Moreton Bay communities and businesses. The plan provides strategic direction to guide tourism and the opportunities it creates for the Moreton Bay region.

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