Hosting Familiarisations

A famil, short for "familiarisation," is a visit intended to help consumers better understand your product by using it themselves, to increase their product knowledge, and to aid in on-selling or promoting it.

Famils are a crucial offering for media and industry experts worldwide to experience a country, a product, or a package. They provide excellent exposure for Moreton Bay operators.

Ideally, a great family experience should result in the individual or group promoting your product through positive media coverage or word-of-mouth. For example, a media outlet might write about or highlight your goods/or services on television/news, or connects with wholesalers.

There are different types of famils are typically offered at a discounted rate of Free of Charge (FoC).

Media Famil

A more customised experience and itinerary may be required for media famils for print and online journalists, broadcast crews, key opinion leaders, or social media influencers to suit their story or time constraints.

They are an organised event, itinerary, or tour designed to introduce journalists, reporters, and media professionals (including social media influencers) in the Moreton Bay Region. Its purpose is to provide firsthand experience and in-depth knowledge, allowing media representatives to gather information, conduct interviews, and create content for their respective platforms. Media famils are commonly organised by tourism boards, businesses, or public relations agencies seeking to promote their offerings. These events often include guided tours, exclusive access to attractions, demonstrations, and interactions with key stakeholders. By immersing media professionals in the subject matter, media familiarisations aim to generate positive coverage and increase awareness through influential media channels.

Trade Famil

Trade famils allow business representatives, such as executives, buyers, distributors, or suppliers, to familiarise themselves with a particular market, product, or service. The primary objective of a trade famil is to facilitate networking, business partnerships, and knowledge exchange among participants. These trips often involve visits to trade shows, exhibitions, factories, or distribution centers, allowing attendees to gain firsthand insights into the industry's latest trends, innovations, and market dynamics. Trade famils provide a platform for participants to establish valuable connections, explore potential collaborations, and deepen their understanding of the business landscape, ultimately enhancing their ability to make informed decisions and expand their professional networks.

Hosting a Famil

Here are some great tips to prepare for your upcoming famil:

Before the Famil:

  • Identify your goals and objectives: Clearly define what you aim to achieve with the famil, such as increasing awareness, generating media coverage, or fostering business relationships.
  • Develop a comprehensive itinerary: Plan a detailed schedule that highlights key activities, visits, and experiences to provide participants with a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter.
  • Learn about your famil participants, what are they from? what do they do?
  • Communicate expectations and requirements: Clearly convey the purpose, schedule, and logistics of the famil to the participants, including any specific preparations or documentation they need to complete.
  • Secure necessary partnerships and sponsorships: Collaborate with relevant stakeholders, such as hotels, attractions, or local businesses, to ensure smooth coordination, discounts, or additional perks for the famil participants.
  • Be aware of any cultural sensitivities (including appropriate conduct and greetings), dietary requirements, phobias or health issues and plan activities around those needs. If you aren’t sure, ask the famil organiser.

During the Famil:

  • Provide informative and engaging presentations: Conduct briefings or presentations at the beginning of the famil to set the context, provide background information, and align participants' expectations.
  • Provide your guests with your social media handles, website, and any appropriate hashtags.
  • Facilitate networking opportunities: Create spaces and activities that encourage interaction and networking among participants, allowing them to exchange ideas, experiences, and contact information.
  • Offer hands-on experiences: Incorporate interactive elements, demonstrations, or workshops that enable participants to directly engage with the subject matter and gain practical insights.
  • Maintain a smooth and well-organized schedule: Ensure that the famil runs according to the planned itinerary, providing sufficient time for each activity while allowing flexibility for unforeseen circumstances or participant preferences.
  • Encourage feedback and evaluation: Regularly check in with participants to gather their feedback, address any concerns, and assess the effectiveness of the famil in meeting its objectives.

After the Famil:

  • Get the contact details of your guests for any follow up required. Express gratitude for their attendance and participation in the famil, and provide any additional information or resources they may need.
  • Monitor and measure outcomes: Track the impact of the famil by analysing media coverage, evaluating participant feedback, and assessing any measurable outcomes, such as increased sales, partnerships, or brand awareness.
  • Share success stories: Highlight success stories or testimonials from the famil participants to showcase the benefits and impact of the famil to relevant stakeholders, such as sponsors, partners, or industry peers.
  • Evaluate and improve: Conduct a thorough evaluation of the famil's strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, and use these insights to refine future famils and enhance their effectiveness.

Remember, each famil is unique, so adapt these tips to fit your specific objectives, theme and guests.

Are you a local operator or someone who would be interested in being involved in a famil?

What does your business do, and how can it be involved with at famil?

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