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Crisis Management Course

The purpose of this course is to help businesses acknowledge the impacts that a poor or non-existent crisis management and communication plan can have on a business. By providing guidance on how to counteract many ways your business can be impacted, you will be equipped with ways to ensure survival and accelerated recovery when faced with unforeseen events.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to have a deeper understanding of the many different ways crisis can disrupt a business of any size and the impacts it can have on the business and your mental well-being. Drawing on research, previous experience and case studies in disaster recovery, the course is aimed to empower you with proven methods to future-proof your business through proactive learning, planning and implementation.

This is an online course, delivered as a mini toolkit, which consist of the following training resources:

  • Workbook, training resources and topic information, including ready to use templates.
  • Videos (including recorded webinars) walking tourism businesses through the tools in the above workbook.
  • Information covering business continuity and PR/ communications.

This online Crisis Management Course has been developed by Tourism Tribe.

How to access the Crisis Management Course

Crisis Management Online Free Course
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Risk Management Tool
The Australian Tourism Industry Council (ATIC), with the support of EarthCheck have developed a range of resources to assist businesses in Disaster and Risk Management.

Proudly joint-funded by the Australian and Queensland Governments through the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA)

We extend our gratitude to the City of Moreton Bay, in conjunction with Moreton Bay Region Industry and Tourism (MBRIT) and in partnership with Tourism Tribe.

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