Music in the Park (series)

Step into the rhythmic world of our Music in the Park series, where melodies blend with nature's symphony in the heart of the City of Moreton Bay. These captivating events offer a serene escape for families and music enthusiasts alike, welcoming all to unwind and groove to live performances in a scenic outdoor setting.

Businesses can connect with local audiences in an uplifting atmosphere, as these Music in the Park series provide an excellent sponsorship platform. Collaborate with us to align your brand with these cherished events, supporting the community's love for music and fostering connections that resonate far beyond the melodies.

Music in the Park 2024 Events

Music in the Park Scarborough | Friday 26 January
Music in the Park Deception Bay | Sunday 17 March
Music in the Valley Samford | Saturday 18 May
Music in the Park Dayboro | Saturday 28 September
Music in the Park Arana Hills | Sunday 27 October

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