MBRIT Head Office Accessibility & Inclusion Information

Welcome to our office—a space dedicated to accessibility and inclusivity. We believe that a truly thriving environment is one where every individual feels welcomed, valued, and empowered. Join us on a journey where inclusivity isn't just a checkbox but a genuine cornerstone of how we operate and thrive together.

Sunflower - Hidden Disabilities

Our office, including the Moreton Bay Accredited Visitor Information Centres network managed by MBRIT, are a business member of the global Hidden Disabilities Sunflower network. This network seeks to positively impact society so individuals with a hidden disability can fully participate in the workplace, stores and venues.

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower fosters a culture where:

  • someone feels safe to share that they have a hidden disability
  • talk about disability isn’t avoided
  • everyone has the same opportunities and a voice to impact the business

Our Visitor Information Centre Volunteers have received training with the Sunflower Team, to welcome visitors to our office with Hidden Disabilities.

MBRIT part of the Sunflower Hidden Disabilities

Wheelchair Access

Like many office spaces on the Redcliffe Peninsula, the Moreton Bay Region Industry & Tourism (MBRIT) Head Office is an older building dating back to the early 1990's. Like many buildings of it's day, universal design was not a consideration and whilst wheelchair accessibility as been retrofitted over the past 30 years, there are access barriers to entry to the building currently.

To assist you in preparing for your visit to our head office for a meeting, workshop or utlisation of our Visitor Information Box Office, please see the below videos.


We have an accessible toilet at MBRIT located at the back of the main building with the team member toilet block.

The Conference Room

Our primary workshop and training space, The Conference Room includes a TV screen and a whiteboard wall, to capture all the ideas. Fits 30 comfortable.

Have feedback on your experience in our Head Office?

We welcome your feedback and suggestions on how we could improve the above accessible and inclusive information, along with tweaks we could make to the office for a better experience. We rely on feedback from you, the community with lived experience to make continuous improvements, because we don't know, what we don't know. Our Accessible and Inclusive Lead, Melissa Gooderham is ready to hear and learn from you, you can contact Melissa on melissa.gooderham @ mbrit.com.au.

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