Climate & Time to Travel

The trickiest part about travelling is working out what weather to expect and in turn, what to pack.

The Moreton Bay Region averages 245 days of fine and sunny weather each year, and those rainy-day exceptions typically fall in the summer period (December - February).

SUMMER - During Summer the average temperature in the Moreton Bay Region can range from a pleasant 24-35°C (75-95°F). It can be humid in summer.

AUTUMN - In Autumn (March - May), sunny days are followed by warm nights – making it ideal for outdoor water activities such as fishing and sailing. Autumn temperatures fall between 16-26°C (61-77°F).

WINTER (June - August) in the Moreton Bay Region is generally sunny and dry with comfortable temperatures that can range from 15-24°C (59-75°F). Many Australians escape the cooler weather in the southern states for a holiday in Queensland at this time of year. The humidity is lower, there is less rain, but the temperature is still nice and warm. (No Snow in QLD)

SPRING (September - November) in the Moreton Bay Region offers sunny days followed by mild tropical evenings. The temperatures fall between 15-25°C (59-77°F).

Times to travel

LOW SEASON April–September (excluding school holidays)

SHOULDER SEASON October–December & February -March

HIGH SEASON December–January & March-April

Some quick tips from the locals:

  • The Australian sun - You can get sunburnt even on cloudy days. Wear sun protection all year round, a broad brimmed hat, shirt with collar and sleeves and maximum sunscreen to exposed skin.
  • While smart casual is the norm, some golf courses have dress codes so check when booking.
  • Gentlemen may need a jacket when fine dining or enjoying a sophisticated evening at a club or restaurant.
  • Hinterland areas may be cooler and wetter. Take a jacket and a heavier coat in winter.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes in national parks and farms.
  • Pack swimwear all year round - winter offers pleasant warm weather during the day.

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