Moreton Bay's Experience Framework

Moreton Bay’s Experience Framework identifies five Experience Pillars and supporting Hero Experiences that reflect the heart and soul of the Moreton Bay story and represents where we have a competitive advantage.

The Framework will guide Moreton Bay Region Industry and Tourism destination’s marketing activities by focusing on Hero Experiences that have the best potential to drive visitation and expenditure. The Framework will also identify Moreton Bay’s best of the best tourism operators and guide the future development of quality and innovative experiences.

Experience Pillars

These five experience pillars have been identified through consumer research as categories that set Moreton Bay apart. They form the backbone of MBRIT’s creative strategy and define how messaging is delivered to consumers.

  1. Bay, Island and Beach
  2. Nature Encounters
  3. Agritourism
  4. Lifestyle, Culture and People
  5. Events

Hero Experiences

Each Experience Pillar has a suite of Hero Experiences that reflect the heart and soul of the Moreton Bay story and represent where we have a competitive advantage

Bay, Island and Beach

  • Moreton Bay Marine Park
  • Bribie Island
  • Sailing and boating
  • Fishing
  • Beaches

Nature Encounters

  • Natural landscape
  • Wildlife experiences
  • Marine life experiences


  • Food and beverage
  • Agricultural experiences
  • Breweries, distiller and cellar doors
  • Hobby farms

Lifestyle, Culture and People

  • First Nations experiences
  • Gallery, museum and heritage experiences
  • Local characters


  • Participation events
  • Food and beverage events
  • Music events
  • Festivals
  • Arts and culture events
  • Spectator sports

How are Hero Experiences selected?

Businesses that have achieved the following

Moreton Bay’s Experience Framework aligns with the Moreton Bay region Destination Management Plan 2023-2027 and the TEQ Queensland Experience Framework.

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